First 3 days

Training and Team Building

I love our team!

It is so wonderful to meet people from different places who all just love God and want to help His people. I am so thankful for this opportunity. It has just begun and I feel like we have known each other for such a long time, almost like were just old friends reuniting to serve God and make a difference. It is so awesome to me.

The first day was just a long day of traveling to get to Springfield and it ended with a great night of worship, Chinese food, and getting to know each other.

Yesterday we woke up and had breakfast and headed to Convoy of Hope. We had an awesome devotion and worship time then we went to Ozark to camp for the night. We were right next to goats and roosters. We had hotdogs for dinner and had some discussion, prayers, devotions, and worship…  plus yummy smores.

We were woken up by an awesome loud rooster. Today was all about team building. We did team building exercises which stretched our patience, showed our strengths and conquered our fears. We did a ropes course which was awesome and so much fun. We then came back to the intern house for showers, pizza, and salad. And we had a relaxing night.

I love the people here. It has been awesome getting to know everyone and see the differences from where we all come from and how we act. Its so awesome to see what people’s hearts are for and why they are here. It is going to be an awesome summer.

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We are now in the basement for a tornado warning… most people here don’t live where there are tornados, but it seems like no big deal to me, funny.


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