Fro Yo Anyone

I have been so busy lately.

I have just been learning through meeting with team leaders, people from other organizations such as Project Rescue and Askinosie Chocolate, and also Skype calls with people ranging from agriculture to human trafficking. There is such a great wealth of information from all these people. Convoy has so many organizations that they partner with and have relationships with and it is so exciting to be able to see them and learn about them. I love learning about the amazing impact that organizations are making on people.

People have such great hearts and it is such a blessing to see. I am growing so close to the people on the team. We have been together 2 weeks but they are amazing friends. I have so much respect for them all and am so blessed to be a part of their life journeys. They are great people and God is doing awesome things in each and every one of them. I love it!

Besides all the meetings this past week we have also worked on many things. We helped organize donations with Hands of Hope. We organized tons of things at the warehouse for Convoy of Hope in Joplin. We also did debris removal in Joplin.

Along with the work and meetings there has been a lot of fun. We have gone to Andy’s Custard, and two self-serve Frozen Yogurt shops. I saw friends from Wisconsin while getting Fro Yo! (There’s a pic of me and the Schimentis and Hannah.) 🙂 We went on a nature walk. We went out to eat a few times at fun places like Cook’s Kettle and Cheddar’s. We have made many Starbuck’s runs, went to a cupcake shop and have just hung out together which has been so fun.

I have a slideshow below to show some pictures of all these things… there are also many more on Facebook.


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