Hello San Pedro, & Cortez

This past week has been beautiful.

We arrived in Honduras at night so we werent able to see much besides the airport and our new home for 6 weeks.

Since then we have seen many places here and it was been great.

We bagged groceries at the Convoy of Hope warehouse for the locals here.

We learned skits for ministering at the churches, and also the Hello song.

We were able to visit a cocoa farm (the chocolate factory) that sells their cocoa beans to Askinosie chocolate in Springfield. It was beautiful there. The people were hard workers. They were kind and a couple people explained how the process works to us. The company also does cattle ranching, coffee plants, and much more.

( see videos on my facebook)

It was in the city of Cortez which is just breathtaking. Just riding in the bus and looking out the window was gorgeous. In Cortez we also went to an old Fort. It was interesting and pretty.

Today we had our first night ministering. We went to the church where Jose is the pastor. We will be working with him a lot while we’re here.  A group of girls did a skit (Jenny, Mary, and Katie), Megan gave here testimony, Emily played the piano while I sang “The More I Seek You”. We prayed for the people and they prayed for us. It was great to be a part of it all. I had an awesome night. Then we went back to our hotel and ate pizza and swam. Tomorrow we will be celebrating the 4th of July then off to work work work. 🙂



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