Iglesia Ebenezer

This week we helped at a women’s conference.

We ran the conference, made a garden, and two bio-sand filters.

It was so great getting to know the women in Honduras.

We were able to hear their stories. Some were heart wrenching while others were joyous. They all had something in common when it came down to it. They put their trust in God and were living to serve him. Some were single mothers, some young girls, some grandmothers, some were blessed to be married with children and a great church family. No matter who their were or their situations, they were all thankful to have God in their lives. For some of them, that was all they had.

It was beautiful to worship with them. Emily, Phoebe, Chelsea, and I did worship throughout the week. The pastor wants me to stay and do worship with them, I said I will maybe come back one day but I can’t stay now. We did some singing Spanglish style. I loved being able to sing in their language with them and just worship God. I also was inspired throughout the week by people’s stories from our team. I ended up writing several songs which I will eventually share.

The kids here are just so awesome. Some of them barely have one decent outfit. while others have a few more than that but I know that my closet is probably 5 times bigger than any of theirs. They have so much joy though. Also, I love the little girls’ Latina attitude, it cracks me up.

God is bringing peace and strength to the women of San Pedro. It is a difficult place to live. There is danger everywhere you turn but God is watching over them. He has a plan for them. He wants to use them for his glory. I believe in each woman that was at this conference. Sad we had to leave them today but hopefully us being there will start a ripple effect of positive influence for this city.

I have had a few good talks this week with people. I learned and relearned that God sees every single person as significant. He did not put one person on this Earth to simply forget about. Sure, some people make choices and decide to live apart from God but he desperately longs for our love and commitment. We can not be committed to him and also to all the things of the world. That will get us nowhere. I also learned a lot about my music. God wants to use my music for him. It will be a part of my ministry and it is a huge part of my present and future. I was told by a man here that we need to give our talents to God and he will hand them back to us, blessed. I was also told that I should treat my songs as jewels. Each one in different and special and should be cherished. I should not just try to sit down and decide how I should write a certain part of a song and what rhymes best. It should be just what is on my heart, written on a page… so I have tried to do that.

The days are getting shorter to when I head back to the states. I am a little excited to eat food in America. Although I love the taste of the food here, my body doesn’t so much. Also, fyi I have probably lost maybe 2-5 pounds. Way less than I hoped for. We eat like crazy here, and the women of the churches had been cooking lunch for us… which they were pretty awesome at.

Tommorrow we will be having a tourist day at the ruins and the town of Copan. Then I will spend the rest of the night doing homework. I am glad I took the classes so that I could get them over with but also it takes a lot of time, so I wouldn’t suggest that to anyone.

Continue praying for us as we have a few more events coming up next week. Also just keep our safety in your prayers. We have crazy awesome bus drivers. More crazy than awesome.

🙂 God Bless You ALL back home!




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