God’s beauty in nature is so beautiful.
The past two days were spent in Cayos Cochinos and Ceiba. Beautiful ocean, gross tasting water. Awesome weather. Lots of sun. Surrounded by island and mountains. A lot of the girls were saying that since they saw a tropical island that they want to have their honeymoon there now. It wad beautiful. We went snorkeling off an island. We saw a lot of coral and fish. The first time I had a bad snorkel so it was hard but I went out again with a different one and enjoyed it a lot more. I cut my foot on coral because it was so close to the surface but my friend Jenny fixed it up for me. No worries. It was awesome to just relax and see God’s beauty. The boat ride out and back was extremely wet but I loved seeing the beautiful blue water and mountain backdrop. Awesome. Only thing not awesome was my almost sunburn. My skin hurts just a little bit. Im also missing home alot and can’t wait to get back


2 thoughts on “Coral

  1. Hi Arielle,

    I am so glad that you’ve taken time to enjoy Gods creation! Beautiful mountains, land,
    waterfalls, only one can imagine. Take care of that sunburn, make sure to spray yourselve
    with some aloe vera burn spray, if you can get ahold of a can. Love you

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