Coming home

Long month has passed in Honduras and I am now back in the states. Interesting, exhausting, beautiful, peaceful, crazy, slow, tiring, exhilarating, challenging time.
I learned so much about life there. The children just want hope. They want to be shown love. We gave them that by playing games, hearing their stories, providing clean water sources, and gardening.
One of my favorite times was the kids helping us garden. They wanted to do something. We taught them about it and they helped us plant. They were so great.
We measured kids for the feeding program and that was fun and crazy. Getting kids to stand in line and go to stations is not the easiest thing but we did it. I loved hanging out with them and practicing my Spanish.
I was able to sing for worship during the women’s conference. There is something so powerful about singing in harmony to God in the same language of the people. We translated songs and I was able to sing them with Phoebe playing guitar and Emily singing along with Chelsea too. We got to know those women and their lives in Honduras. We prayed for them and encourage them. I believe great things will come from those strong women. We built a water filter with their help, made gardens, had a spa day and just enjoyed our time with them.
I love Arca De Salvacion. It was a beautiful church with a strong pastoral heart to help the children. We shared testimonies and did skits for them and just encouraged them to grow strong in their faith. We went to a church plant service for then. It was poring and we were all outdoors. We just stood in a circle and worshiped back and forth in English and Spanish. We prayed hardcore for the church, country, and the people of San Pedro Sula. We were soaked but it didn’t matter. We just loved the people and we walk around the site just praying and singing, amazing.
The last work we did there was an outreach. It was beautifully chaotic. We kind of had no idea what we were doing for part but it all came together. We were able to walk door to door and invite the neighborhood to the event. They all were so warm and inviting. We got to pray with some of them. We also got to make baleadas. I have pictures of those. It was great.
We also went door to door to pray for people by the other church. It was actually by default because or first plan fell through. Each meeting was a divine appointment. We heard some heartbreaking stories that lead to so much hope and light.
God spoke to me by giving me songs. He used my heart for worship to just catch on fire and write songs for him that I can use to always remember the time here and to bring others closer to God. What an amazing gift.


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