My Box

In the music industry, there are two major things that do not make sense to me. I have noticed these two things from watching countless amounts of talent competitions on tv: People want you to “know who you are” (to have a defined style, genre, and attitude) and People do not want you to get stuck in one niche. My thought is if you enjoy your box, stay in it! It is healthy and wonderful to try new things and enjoy your life, that doesn’t mean you have to crossover into a different genre or a different style completely. It also doesn’t mean you cant though. Explore who you are and be happy living life. Change is completely acceptable, do it on your own terms. Do not let someone put you in a box that you are not comfortable in AND do not let someone change you into who THEY want you to be. If I were on a singing show, I would always sing songs that meant something to me and that I was comfortable with singing. I would wear the clothes that I liked. I would act as myself. Do not take ill guidance. Let the Lord lead you and change you.


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