Praying and Believing

God is so wonderful. 2013 was a fun year filled with great memories and answered prayers. My church is starting a 21 day fast on Monday for the new year and I actually started today instead. I am fasting sugar and praying for specific areas of the world each day. My hubby and I had our first year of marriage together complete with vacations, a stronger relationship with God and each other, new friendships, and a new family member (Prima). I went back to school for Philanthropic Studies. I started a chocolate company. I switched jobs. I lost 20 pounds and started on the right path of caring for my body and health.
My resolutions for 2014 are to continue to raise my gpa through school, save money, lose 25 more pounds by March 13th, be more care-free, train my dog well, and continue to grow closer to my husband and God.
I think goals work best when you set bench marks to keep yourself accountable and track progress. It’s also nice when results are made visible because it is motivating. Even with my goal of being more care free… I can check with friends and family who are honest to see if they see a change. Remember it’s a great thing to ask for help as well.
To start out the year right I am doing a detox for 3 weeks and working out everyday at least 30 minutes. My husband will make sure I keep to that which I greatly appreciate. Go out and do something good for yourself this year! I’m planning a shipping supe when I get to my goal weight.

Posted with love


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