Run for Fun

I used to think people who liked running were crazy. I would drive by someone running in the neighborhood and think, “How could that be fun?” This thought has recently changed. My husband encouraged me to just get moving by running and walking. I think it is all about location for me. I LOVE running at the park. It is beautiful. I also like running in my neighborhood with my pup because it’s safe and quick. I think it is all relative to the individual. One of my target areas are my thighs. I have already seen a little muscle definition and that is super exciting. I have a wedding to attend this month and if I meet my goal beforehand I will get a new dress. Setting little benchmarks really works for me. Hope you are all seeing success in reaching your goals.

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2 thoughts on “Run for Fun

  1. Running for me is relaxing at times. Depending on the area you choose to run, it can be like a getaway. I have been running almost all my life, but then took a long break after I had my daughter. Lately I haven’t been running that much like I should be. Like you said setting small goals does help out a lot and you don’t have to start off by running. Taking walks does build up your motivation to get running. One day I hope to do an actual marathon and then maybe a triathlon. Thanks for posting this, this really gets me going again to reaching my goals:mrgreen:

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