God is GOOD

I realized that I haven’t made an announcement of our move on my blog, so here it is. We are moving to Florida in order to follow the calling God has given my husband and I. We felt a tug on our hearts to be missionaries, we both have a passion for Africa and our first thought was, “God wants us to be missionaries in Africa, let’s go.” After time in prayer and seeking guidance, God showed us that he wants us help send out missionaries and to be missionaries in our local community. We know that in the states, we will be able to work with others to grow their passion for reaching people for the Lord. We are so stoked to just share the love of God in a new environment and be a part of a group of people doing the same thing. We have the opportunity to do just that through an amazing new church that just started in Florida. Check out our new family here: http://www.discoverfamilychurch.com Following your calling is not often an easy task, God just makes a way. He has just been putting the pieces together. We start to feel doubt, frustration, confusion, and even lost when waiting on guidance and coming against roadblocks, but God is good. He always comes in right on time. He knows what we need. He shows his love for us. He confirms that this is the right move and gives us provision. I am so thankful to serve such a loving God and to be married to such a supportive and encouraging spouse. God is GOOD.


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