God is Good

God is good all the time and all the time, God is good.

A saying repeated in many churches across the nation. I have found just how true this is during the course of this year. I found myself constantly thinking and saying “God is GOOD!” I guess it is the theme of my year, seeing God’s goodness.
This year was full of changes and we are in the beginning stages of this fresh start and I am feeling enthusiastic. God has placed us right where we belong and we are discovering the plans he has for us. We are now settled into our new home, of course there are still boxes left to unpack and pictures to be hung on the wall, but we are doing everything as it comes along. We are enjoying our time together as the holiday season is ending. I am looking forward to starting my new job in just a few days. We are feeling welcomed and loved and that is just what we need right now. I am so thankful that God knows what we need and provides in such cool ways.

In March, we visited the lovely town of Lakeland, FL so that we could see if being a part of a new church plant was right for us. We met Johnny and Sarah Kelley as well as some other new friends and connected right away. We drove all around town and checked out different neighborhoods, we ate at all the local restaurants, checked out produce markets, and enjoyed the view. We felt God confirming that it was the right step for us.

We decided that we were going to make the move from Indiana to Florida. We thought that we would have to wait until I finished school in May 2015 but I thought that I would check with my advisors to see if any arrangements could be made. After prayer and conversations, it was agreed upon that I would finish my last four classes online in order to complete my degree which meant we could move after the fall semester.

We put our house up for sale and it sold within the first couple weeks. I was able to move in with some friends and Brandon was able to move in with friends in Florida. This meant 7 weeks apart, but with one week long visit and lots of Skype, we made it through.

During the week long visit, I had an interview and second interview with LRMC Foundation. I got the job as an intern and start in January.

With the help of a wonderful realtor and a super helpful loan officer, we were able to purchase a home in Florida and moved in right before Christmas.


Through the year I was able to attend school full-time for Philanthropic Studies, participate in an amazing apprenticeship with Growing Places Indy, and take control of my health. We had many fun memories at our home in Indy. My pup and I visited the park plenty. Brandon and I enjoyed cooking together, having friends over, playing soccer, laughed about our crazy dog, made new friends in Florida, and grew stronger in our faith.

Deciding to move was not easy, selling the house was a little bumpy, I almost had nowhere to live, getting a new house was no easy task, and being apart was difficult but through it all GOD was Good. He was my comfort, rock, provider, healer, and counselor. He was everything for me and He still is. We are just getting ready for all that this year has to hold.

So, here is to 2015. I wonder what the theme will be, I am sure it will be something great. Remember, keep God first and love yourself. Treat your body with care and believe in yourself. Try something new, set fear aside, laugh some more, embrace challenges, and enjoy this new start.

Happy New Year!


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