New Stages New Clothes

I was thinking about tomorrow, the first day at my new job. This job is my first step in my career field and it can open many doors for me. It is a wonderful opportunity and I could not be more excited or thankful.
As I have been getting the house ready, I have been remembering small little memories. It is always special when a cookbook or a blanket or even a random t-shirt reminds you of something. So many church trips, missions events and trips, competitions, special dinners, kitchen disasters, and even my wedding were all brought to mind through unpacking my clothes. This is a great transition for me.
I was organizing my clothes by what fits now and what ALMOST fits so I can see those goals right in front of me everything morning.
I took notice that while I was in Indianapolis I almost always wore jeans a t-shirt or a hoodie, tennis shoes or boots, and usually a hoodie or jacket. I have no need for jackets right now and all of my casual wear is just for weekends or nights. I was so happy to see such a visual representation of my change in life. I have all of my professional clothing hung up in the closet ready to go.
My suggestion is that when you feel lost or like you’re in a slump, change up your wardrobe. You don’t have to go to on a shopping spree, unless you can and want to 😉 but just change things up a little. What you wear and how you present yourself has a huge impact on your attitude and confidence. This is an exciting time and HUGE shoutout to my husband for his patience, understanding, comfort, love, and help through the whole transition of moving down here.
As exciting as this all is, it gets frustrating, tiring, upsetting, and overwhelming at times, but he is such a rock. He always encourages me to relax when I need to and to stay positive. God blessed me with a great man and I am blessed to be his wife.


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