College Graduation & Now What?

In 2012, I completed two years at Ivy Tech Community College and received my A.A.S. in Human Services. I was unsure of the next course of action to take. I worked full-time and continued to seek God’s path for my life.Through various trial and errors, I figured out just what I needed to do, go back to school. I truly enjoy education, so this didn’t take any long convincing.


I started my B.A. in Philanthropic Studies at IUPUI and the program was wonderful. Lilly Family School of Philanthropy is world class. I learned how to be an effective change-maker. I learned the failures and successes of philanthropy, the misconceptions, the multitude of applications, the diverse traditions and motivations, and so much more. I learned from textbooks, class discussions, experiences of my professors and classmates, as well as a multitude of learning opportunities. I have discovered all of the proposed learning outcomes and have grown immensely as a person.


This all came to a culmination just recently, when I walked across the stage for my commencement. I celebrated my achievement. It is an amazing feeling to gain such a great amount of knowledge simply because of the availability of education in this country, the amazing professors, the encouragement of my family to follow my dreams, and my personal determination to keep moving forward. Education is the key to further progression and opens doors, countless doors.


The very common college graduate dilemma is, “Will any of those doors be open for me?” We step out of college and into the workforce in seek of our career field and sometimes we end up on a long road between the two. Applications, phone calls, connections, networking, meetings, interviews, e-mails, and nothing to show for it… until the right thing comes along and it will (according to all of our very encouraging friends). The truth is though, they are right! The right thing will come along, it just may take some time. All I can do is put my best foot forward, I do not have the power to make someone create the right position for me and offer it to me.


God has a plan for me. He is all-knowing and all powerful. He loves me and He alone can move mountains. His timing is perfection and His foresight extends much further than I can see. This time can seem daunting, overwhelming, frustrating, and even doubtful.

I choose JOY. I choose FAITH. I choose TRUST. I choose THANKS. It is well with my soul.

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